Teen Program for Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill is a new primary care practice that focuses on helping both adults and teens with extra weight lose weight and find improved health and self-esteem. 

Teens tend to be an underserved group within the medical community, and teens who are struggling with their weight need extra medical support and unique programming to help them to make the necessary changes in their lives to not just lose their extra weight, but to create lifestyle changes that will support  healthy weight for a lifetime.

All of my patients will receive:

  1. A detailed medical and dietary history
  2. A laboratory evaluation for any underlying medical or hormonal issues
  3. An individualized treatment plan for weight loss that includes advanced nutrition and dietary counseling, exercise prescription, lifestyle support, and medical management of weight using anti-obesity medications that are FDA-approved for teens when deemed necessary.
  4. The Optifast Medical Meal Replacement Program for Teens for teens with a BMI higher than 85% or needing rapid weight loss.

Dr. Dishler works with the family and patient to create a plan for each patient that works within their life and is easy to comply with.  No two patients are treated the same.  Our teens have been having wonderful success with weight loss and making better choices for their futures.

Please contact my office for a free consultation:

Phone: 856-261-3168
Email: info@weightlosscherryhill.com