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I made the decision not to work with insurance companies so that I am able to spend extra time with patients. Since my goal is to develop a partnership with each patient, this requires review periods before and during their visits to understand the complexities of their medical history, medications, and previous struggles with diet and weight loss. With so many causes of weight gain, a 5-10-minute office visit will not allow me to get to the root of your problem, address medical issues or create an effective weight-loss plan.

There is NO QUICK FIX for weight loss. If one existed, or if primary care doctors had the time in a typical visit to address the complexities of weight gain, then our country would not be experiencing an obesity epidemic.

Reaching weight loss success involves so much more than prescribing a diet and medication; it requires an individualized approach with continuous coaching and support. Initial office visits in the first months of our relationship will be an investment in your health, but the results will ultimately improve your overall wellness and confidence. The long-term benefits will greatly exceed the long-term costs of suffering from health issues related to weight gain and obesity. I am offering a sustainable solution and hopefully a longer and healthier life.

I will be your doctor, mentor, friend, support system and health coach.