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Whether you’re battling obesity or a few extra pounds, the road to weight loss is deeply personal. It’s a journey filled with hardships, wake-up calls, and uncomfortable highs and lows. Here’s one such case.

Dr. Elyse Dishler is the mother of twins. After a difficult pregnancy, five months of bed rest, low mobility, and extreme weight gain, her stamina plummeted along with her motivation to exercise. After six months post-delivery, she was still wearing maternity clothes. People often asked her,  “When are you due?” She knew she had to make some changes.

Elyse pushed past her depression and started slow. She found the personalized program that was right for her. By doing so, she learned a whole lot about herself and eventually hit her goal weight. At Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill, we tip the scales in your favor. Because optimal health and confidence looks good on everyone.

With a unique combination of Western medicine, emotional support, and holistic measures, we strive to significantly reduce a patient’s risk for many diseases — diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. Our customized programming will match your weight-loss needs specifically, providing a long-term, sustainable solution and partnership.

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We Are Proud Partners and Providers of OPTIFAST®

The OPTIFAST® program, which usually lasts 26 weeks, is a medically-supervised weight-management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being. The program utilizes a meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared ‘everyday’ meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient education and support.

The OPTIFAST® program has over 40 years of experience and documented outcomes in more than 80 clinical weight loss publications.

Through weight loss, the OPTIFAST® program can help improve the state of certain medical conditions of patients related to their excess weight. This clinically proven program was designed to help patients improve their health by losing weight under medical supervision.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Elyse Dishler of Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill has helped me immensely in overcoming my 20-30 pound weight fluctuation. As a physically fit woman, I had become discouraged about my weight gain and the inability to lose weight despite eating a proper diet. Under Dr. Dishler’s medical guidance and weight management plan, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost over 15 pounds and no longer struggle with cravings. Dr. Dishler is a miracle worker. She is warm, welcoming and supportive. She truly understands the struggle to lose weight and offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss. She gives me time and attention at every office visit with a thorough exam and a detailed review of food consumption and behavior. Through her medical guidance, support, and the use of low-dose medication for appetite suppression, I’ve lost weight and can sense normal hunger cues. I am developing habits that I know will last a lifetime.

Dana P.

When I hit age 20, I started to gain weight and it just kept going up. I then gained 56 pounds during the pregnancy and tried every diet I could think of but none of them worked for me. In August of 2018, I started to work with Dr. Elyse Dishler of Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill. In just 2 short months, following Dr. Dishler’s medical guidance, I've already lost 15 pounds. I'm following a comprehensive weight loss program that includes an FDA-approved medication and everything has changed for me. My appetite is suppressed, my energy is up, and I’m not struggling to lose weight anymore. Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill was worth every penny. There isn't a doctor out there who will spend an hour with you to create a personalized treatment plan and support you so completely on your weight loss journey. Dr. Dishler genuinely cares about your health, happiness and well-being, and she is teaching me to make lifestyle changes that I know I can continue to follow. I feel so hopeful for my future.

Maddison M.

When I was in middle school, I started to gain weight. I continued to gain weight in high school and college, but since I never was a big eater, I just assumed that being heavy was my “body type” and that I had to learn to live with it.
3 months ago I started working for Dr. Elyse Dishler at Medical Weight Loss of Cherry Hill. I saw how she treated her patients and the success they were having with weight loss, and I decided to become her patient. I learned that even though I wasn’t eating much food, I wasn’t eating the right foods. After a full medical evaluation and diet history, Dr. Dishler recommended the Optifast Medical Meal Replacement System. I eat a high-protein bar or shake every 3 hours through the day and a healthy dinner. For the first 4 days I felt weird and a little hungry, but on day 5 everything changed. I didn’t feel hungry anymore and my energy increased. I became motivated to add in exercise and drink more water. I lost my junk food cravings. The weight started to come off, and now at just 10 weeks into the program, I am down 32 POUNDS!! I feel like a different person, and I am still surprised every time I walk by the mirror.
I am more motivated now than ever and can’t wait to see how much more I can lose and how much healthier I will feel. A phone consultation with Dr. Dishler is free, and you have nothing to lose but some stubborn weight!!
Follow the website to see the rest of my weight loss journey!

Shannon S.